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Dr. Barbosa is a Cleveland Clinic, Fellowship trained breast surgeon.
Her achievements include establishing a breast program at a local hospital here
on Long Island, public speaking, lecturing at national conferences, and she was awarded the Leaders of Excellence Award from the FACT Foundation.

What Sets a Breast Program Apart?

In today's health care field, specialization is quickly becoming the standard to deliver the highest quality of care. A true understanding of each individual patient's needs ensures the most effective diagnosis and treatment, while optimizing positive outcomes.

Dr. Karen Barbosa and her staff are very excited to be practicing on Long Island at her new breast care program in Smithtown. By partnering with a team of dedicated physicians who participate in interdisciplinary care, she is able to provide patients with compassionate, comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment.

This is not your typical, sterile medical institution. From the moment a patient enters the office, we hope to provide a sense of reassurance and guidance. Each patient is viewed as part of our family that continually grows, supporting one another as we seek to create an environment that adapts to each individuals needs.

"By the Community For the Community"

It has always been a dream of Dr. Barbosa's to engage patients to be their own advocates throughout their medical care. Education is a key component to empowering patients while reducing fear and anxiety.

Dr. Barbosa works closely with your doctors, creating a team approach for individualized care. Together, we work for the patient's best interests while providing the latest technology and treatment options.

We aspire to live up to our motto "By the community, for the community" where doctors are patient advocates.
We listen, we educate and we act upon it.

11 Stewart Ave. - Huntington, NY 11743

Tel: 631 923-2477 - Fax: 631 421-1059

Email: karen@drkarenbarbosa.com